View property for sale at auction in France

4. Auction Particulars in France - Cahier des Charges

The auction particulars are contained in a Cahier des charges, which you will be able to obtain from the notaire.

The cahier sets out all the conditions of sale, the sale procedure that will be adopted, together with a description of the property.

It will state the reserve price, visit arrangements, and rules of participation.

Vigilance is required in reading the cahier to make sure you have fully understood the details of the property, and any encumbrances that may be attached to it, as well as the proposed sale procedure.

Nevetheless, the cahier will contain far more inform on the property than you would normally see in an estate agents particulars so you do get to understand more clearly what it is you are buying.

The cahier will normally state that the property is being sold en l'état, which means it is being sold without any guarantees on its condition.

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