11. Buying Property in France: Completion Formalities

  1. Transfer of Funds
  2. Completion Date
  3. Condition of Property
  4. Deed of Sale
  5. Certificate of Purchase

11.5. Certificate of Purchase

When you have signed the deed of sale, you should ask the notaire for a certificate of purchase (called attestation), which you can use to gain access to public services for the property, and open a bank account etc if you have not already so.

Accordingly, the certificate can be presented to any of the public utility services to get a connection e.g. electricity, gas, phone.

At the time of signature, you should also be given a receipt for the money paid to the notaire for purchase of the property.

You will also later receive a copy of the deed of sale, together with a detailed statement of fees and costs. Some notaires are slow at this process so you need to be insistent if there is a delay.

Bizarrely, a copy of the deed is not normally sent to the seller, although you can offer to pay for a copy from the notaire or later obtain one from the French land registry.

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