11. Buying Property in France: Completion Formalities

  1. Transfer of Funds
  2. Completion Date
  3. Condition of Property
  4. Deed of Sale
  5. Certificate of Purchase

11.3. Condition of the Property on Completion

The seller is obliged to sell the property in no worse condition than was the case at the time the sale contract was signed. If there has been a material deterioration of the property between this date and sale completion, the buyer is entitled to demand that the property be brought back into its original condition.

If you are able to do so, visit the property the day before completion takes place to ensure that all is as it should be, particularly if the sale includes a certain number of fixtures and fittings.

At the same time you can also check that you will get vacant possession of the property following completion, for there have been cases where lodgers or members of the family have been found in occupation after completion has taken place!

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