12. House Buying Fees and Taxes in France

  1. Notaire Fees
  2. House Buying Taxes
  3. Calculation of Buying Costs
  4. Reducing Charges

12.3. Calculating Fees and Taxes for Buying Property in France

There are a number of automatic calculators on-line that can be used to obtain an estimate of the fees, taxes and other charges for which you will be liable.

They are not always up to date with their rates, nor entirely comprehensive, but the most reliable one can be found on the website of the Notaires de Paris, at Estimation des frais d'acquisition. In order to use it you will need some understanding of the French language.

You can also ask your notaire to give you an estimate of the fees and taxes. Indeed, many will often volunteer such information. You should also be provided with a final detailed statement on completion.

In the next section we offer some examples as to how you might be able to reduce your house buying transaction costs on your French property.

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