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8.3. Business Insurance in France

You will need to consider your insurance requirements, notably the need for public liability and professional indemnity insurance (PII) - l'assurance en responsabilité civile professionnelle (RCP).

Those in the building professions need to take out a particular type of insurance that guarantees their work against major defects for ten years, called l’assurance responsabilité décennale.

You will also need to consider the need for insurance of your tools, equipment and business premises through an assurance multirisque professionnelle.

The level of PII insurance premiums for those in certain occupations, or one of the professions libérales can run into several thousand Euros a year, so it is an issue you need to investigate thoroughly.

If you want to know more about business insurance generally then you can read about it (in French) on the site of the Fédération française des sociétés d'assurances.

There is also a useful independent business insurance on-line portal New Bizassur, who are worth checking out.

Otherwise, contact the professional or trade association for your business activity.

You can also read more in our Newsletter article Micro-Entrepreneur Business Insurance.

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