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Health In France

How to Obtain a European Health Insurance Card

For European nationals resident in France, the process of obtaining a European Health Insurance Card depends on your insurance status.

Monday 06 February 2017

PUMA Health Insurance Charge 2017

The basis on which economically inactive individuals are assessed for their health insurance charge has changed for 2017.

Friday 06 January 2017

Hidden Costs of Healthcare in France

A new study reveals the extent to which patients are directly responsible for the costs of their health-care.

Friday 04 November 2016

S1 Health Cover or French Pension?

Retiring expatriate business owners in France may have to make the choice of either taking S1 health cover from their country of origin or their French pension.

Tuesday 04 October 2016

Guide to French Health System

The latest release of our free guide to the French health system, covering rights of access, the registration process, charges, and receiving health care.

Wednesday 03 August 2016

Montpellier Doctor in Rampant Prescription Fraud

A general practitioner based in the town of Montpellier, Herault is suspected of issuing false prescriptions, involving over €500,000 of public funds.

Tuesday 07 June 2016

Charges for Dental Treatment in France

The French health system reimburses only a small fraction of the costs of non-routine dental treatment, and the charges imposed by dentists for such treatment varies considerably.

Tuesday 03 May 2016

Getting Health Treatment in the UK

The UK has substantially restricted access to free healthcare in the UK to non-residents, in the process clarifying the rights of EEA nationals.

Tuesday 05 April 2016

Right of Residence in France

The right of residence and to health cover in France for early retirees is rather less clear in law than the European Commission would like us to believe.

Thursday 03 March 2016

France's New Universal Health Care System

A universal system of healthcare has been introduced in France, so what are the implications for expatriates?

Wednesday 03 February 2016

Is there a Doctor Shortage in France?

A new report claims there is a growing shortage of medical doctors in many areas of France, although some perspective is probably needed on that assessment.

Thursday 03 December 2015

Towards a Unified French Health System

Major changes are planned in the operational arrangements of the French health service, with streamlining of the insurance system and the method of payment to doctors.

Wednesday 04 November 2015

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