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Newsletter Issue 93: 15/12/2010

Welcome to the latest issue of the French Property Newsletter.

This is the final Newsletter for 2010, a year in which there has been a marked increase in our readership.

We thank your for your interest and your contributions.

We will now be taking a short Xmas break, but we will be back with our next Newsletter on 18th January 2011

In the meantime, we wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Do Home Improvements Make Sense?

Improving your French property does not always increase its value, so choose what to do with care, says John Marshall, a chartered surveyor living in the Aude.

Building & Renovation 15/12/2010

A Trifle Troubled over Truffles

Truffles are a popular but expensive delicacy at Christmas in France, so is it possible to buy instead the illusion of gastronomic heaven?

French Life 15/12/2010

French Education System Slammed by OECD

France has an elitist education system that fails those pupils with difficulties, according to a recent report from the OECD.

French Life 15/12/2010

Planning Taxes to be Merged

There is to be a rationalisation of the current confusing and multiple array of planning taxes and a review of planning laws.

Building & Renovation 15/12/2010

Foie Gras aux Cannabis!

A farmer has been found guilty of administering cannabis to his 150 ducks.

French Life 15/12/2010

Paying for Healthcare in France

Reimbursement of your costs in the French health system is becoming increasingly complex and less generous. How does it all stack up?

Health in France 15/12/2010

Baby Shaken but Not Stirred

This year’s Christmas miracle in France has to be the baby that fell from a 7th floor building into the arms of a doctor.

French Life 15/12/2010

Energy Rating on all Property Ads

From 1st January all properties in France for sale or to rent must be advertised with an energy performance rating.

Building & Renovation 15/12/2010

Immigrant Population in France

The French government have recently published latest figures on the number of immigrants in France, including those from the UK and other EU countries.

French Life 15/12/2010

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