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Planning Permission and Easements

Planning permission in France is always granted subject to the private property rights of others.

Building & Renovation Wednesday 06 January 2016

Building Construction Costs in France 2014

The cost of constructing a new property in France in 2014 averaged €1,310m², up by around 5.0% on that for 2013 (€1,244m²).

Building & Renovation Thursday 03 December 2015

Architects and Planning Applications in France

An architect has a legal obligation to submit a planning application that complies with planning regulations, a French court has ruled.

Building & Renovation Wednesday 04 November 2015

New Controls on Ten Year Building Guarantee

Builders in France are now required to provide more information to their clients about their ten year building guarantee insurance cover.

Building & Renovation Friday 02 October 2015

Outdoor Advertising Banned in Small French Towns

Outdoor advertising in small towns is now banned in France, but the removal of existing billboards is one that is likely to take many years.

Building & Renovation Tuesday 04 August 2015

Conversion of Farm Building into a Gite

The conversion of a farm building into residential use requires that the building is fully enclosed by a roof and walls, a French court has ruled.

Building & Renovation Friday 03 April 2015

Planning Consents Three Year Duration

The duration of the validity of planning consents has been increased from two to three years, in order to give a boost to the flagging housing market.

Building & Renovation Tuesday 03 February 2015

Building Works Blame Game

A French court has ruled that a builder must undertake the work they consider necessary, and not lesser works against which they counselled their c...

Building & Renovation Wednesday 07 January 2015

Smoke Alarms Obligatory in 2015

The installation of at least one smoke alarm in all residential properties in France will become obligatory from March 2015.

Building & Renovation Wednesday 07 January 2015

Confusion Over Septic Tank Rules

In recent years there has been a major overall of the regulations concerning the installation and control of local sewerage systems, but implementa...

Building & Renovation Thursday 04 December 2014

Diagnostics on Statutory Property Surveys

A study by the government consumer watchdog in France has criticised the pricing ethics adopted by building diagnostics professionals.

Building & Renovation Tuesday 04 November 2014

Increased Grant for Energy Conservation Works

In a significant relaxation of existing rules the government have increased to 30% the level of the grant for any single work of home energy conser...

Building & Renovation Tuesday 07 October 2014
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