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Managing Your Septic Tank

Buying a French property is often the start of many a new experience, writes Catharine Higginson.

Building & Renovation Tuesday 04 December 2012

Planning Hurdles in Rural Areas

National planning regulations in France mean that you cannot assume you will be able to construct a pool or a garage on your property.

Building & Renovation Wednesday 01 August 2012

Cowboy Builders or Cowboy Clients?

We all know about ‘cowboy builders’ in France, but are the victims of these incidents sometimes the unwitting accessories of their own misfortune?

Building & Renovation Tuesday 03 July 2012

Use of Chartered Surveyors in France

The French are not accustomed to commissioning a property survey, but international buyers do have a choice, says John Marshall.

Building & Renovation Tuesday 01 May 2012

Planning System in France

Some important changes have been introduced to the planning system in France, so we have taken the opportunity to update our comprehensive guide.

Building & Renovation Thursday 05 April 2012

Building Construction Costs in France 2010

The average cost of constructing a new property in France in 2010 was €1,035m², slightly down on that for 2009 (€1,048m²)

Building & Renovation Tuesday 06 March 2012

Boiler Services and Chimney Maintenance

What is the regularly framework for maintenance of your boiler and cleaning of your chimney?

Building & Renovation Wednesday 04 January 2012

French Planning System Reforms for 2012

A number of changes to planning regulations and taxes are being introduced, which it is hoped will simplify the whole process.

Building & Renovation Wednesday 04 January 2012

Building Warranties Against Latent Defects

All building work in France comes with a warranty against latent defects, but you would be better advised to put your faith in a good builder.

Building & Renovation Thursday 01 December 2011

New Framework for Home Energy Efficiency

The French government has clearly signalled their intention on home energy efficiency for new homes.

Building & Renovation Wednesday 05 October 2011

Engaging An Architect in France

Engaging an architect should bring substantial additional added value to your building project, provided you set about the process with care.

Building & Renovation Tuesday 02 August 2011

Complaints Increase Over Septic Tank Surveys

Complaints are on the increase over the obligatory compliance inspections of septic tanks.

Building & Renovation Wednesday 01 June 2011

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