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Too Early to Panic on New Health Insurance Rules in France

Confusion continues to reign over the right of expats to access the State health insurance system, although some things are becoming clearer.

Health in France Friday 14 September 2007

Rule Changes in France on Health Cover for Early French Retirees

The right of access to the State health insurance system is being removed for 'non-active' expats under retirement age, although, contrary to some ...

Health in France Monday 03 September 2007

French Doctors Found Guilty of Drug Trafficking

Seven French doctors, a chemist, and around twenty patients, have been found guilty in a Marseilles court of trafficking medical drugs between Fran...

Health in France Wednesday 04 July 2007

French Patients to Face Increased Health Charges

The government is proposing to introduce new charges for patients, as it looks to make savings of €1 billion in health costs.

Health in France Wednesday 04 July 2007

French Suicides Outstrip Road Deaths

French television screens regularly broadcast horrifying stories about the carnage on the roads in France, but a report published last month highli...

Health in France Monday 16 April 2007

Huge Health Prescription Fraud in France Uncovered

A major scandal has emerged in France concerning the trafficking of prescription drugs, in which dozens of doctors appear to be implicated.

Health in France Tuesday 19 December 2006

New Controls on Prescription Medicines

With the costs of the health service continuing to spiral, the French government has been removing from the list of prescribed medicines those they...

Health in France Friday 01 December 2006

French Health Insurer Breaks Ranks

One of the largest French private health insurance companies has decided to offer a 'no claims bonus' for one of its policies, which risks increasi...

Health in France Wednesday 15 November 2006

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