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Withdrawal of Early Retiree S1 Health Certificates Delayed

The planned withdrawal of S1 health certificates has been delayed, as officials consider the full implications of the proposed measure.

Health in France Tuesday 08 April 2014

Early Retirees Gaining Access to Health System

Although S1 cover for early retirees is to be abolished, there is growing evidence that existing holders of S1 certificates are being accepted into...

Health in France Tuesday 11 March 2014

Assistance with Top-Up Health Insurance

The sums payable to assist with complementary top-up health insurance have been increased this year.

Health in France Wednesday 05 February 2014

Early Retirees Lose S1 Health Cover

The UK government has confirmed that early retirees relocating abroad will lose access to S1 health cover - probably!

Health in France Tuesday 07 January 2014

Is 'Top-Up' Health Insurance Necessary? Part 2

The costs and benefits of different types of complementary health cover policies.

Health in France Thursday 05 December 2013

Is 'Top-Up' Health Insurance Necessary? Part 1

Do you need to take out voluntary 'top-up' health insurance in France, and if so, what do you need, and how do you go about getting it?

Health in France Tuesday 05 November 2013

UK Early Retirees to Lose S1 Health Cover

The British government is proposing to cease offering health cover in France to early retirees.

Health in France Tuesday 08 October 2013

New Hub for Early Retiree Health Applications

France has established a central processing centre to handle applications by EU early retirees for admission into the French health system.

Health in France Wednesday 11 September 2013

Your French Health Insurance Card

In France the ‘carte vitale’ is the sesame that confirms your registration in the French health system, granting you access to health services.

Health in France Tuesday 03 September 2013

Help With Health Costs in France

The income thresholds granting access to assistance with health costs have been substantially increased.

Health in France Thursday 04 July 2013

Prescription Charges for Glasses in France

Prescription glasses in France are the most expensive in Europe, mainly because there are too many opticians, says a French consumer group.

Health in France Thursday 06 June 2013

Complaints on Health Cover Get Results

Despite initial opposition by most local health authorities, it is clear many early retirees are eventually winning access to the French health sys...

Health in France Thursday 02 May 2013

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