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Covid-19 in France – Job Retention Scheme

An upgraded job retention scheme has been launched by the French government to enable employers to keep employees on the payroll.

Business in France Friday 10 April 2020

Covid-19 in France - News Digest

A summary of the main Covid-19 developments in France over the past month.

French Life Friday 03 April 2020

Covid-19 - Where are the Cases?

What are the departments in France most affected by the pandemic?

French Life Friday 03 April 2020

Covid-19 - French Property Sale Contracts

Many property buyers were unable to complete on a sale in France before President Macron ordered the lockdown, so what is the legal position? write...

Property in France Friday 03 April 2020

Disparities in GP Cover in France

A prescient new report has highlighted the growing shortage of GPs in a many areas of France and the regional disparities that exist.

Health in France Friday 03 April 2020

British National Liable to Capital Gains Tax

A British national who lived between the UK and France each year has failed in a legal action to obtain capital gains tax exemption on the sale of ...

French Taxation Friday 03 April 2020

Brittany’s Airports Called into Question

The French national auditor has questioned the long-term future of several of Brittany’s airports.

Travel in France Friday 03 April 2020

Covid-19 - French Mortgage Relief

In the face of the pandemic, it is possible to obtain some assistance with relief from mortgage repayments, but at a cost.

Money in France Friday 03 April 2020

Covid-19 – Hardship Grants for Small Businesses

A hardship grant of up to €1,500 a month, as well as suspension of taxes and social security contributions, is available for small business ow...

Business in France Friday 03 April 2020

Wind Farms in France 2019

A new report provides a snapshot of the size and deployment of wind farm installations across France.

Property in France Friday 03 April 2020

Brexit: Residence Rights of Non-European Family Members

What are the residence rights in France of Non-European family members of EEA nationals?

Property in France Wednesday 11 March 2020

Retirees and the PUMA Health Charge

Retirees in France escape liability to the PUMA health charge, but for some households that may change next year.

Health in France Wednesday 11 March 2020
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