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Crit Air' Vehicle Emissions Sticker

Some French cities have introduced a requirement for an emissions sticker to be displayed in vehicle windscreens, a practice that is likely to become more widespread.

The scheme has been introduced in the three cities of Paris, Lyon and Grenoble, within designated 'environmental zones' to display a window sticker (vignette).

In Paris the restriction affects all areas inside the city's orbital road (périphérique), between 8am and 8pm, Monday to Friday, although it can apply at other times. You need to display a vignette if you want to drive in central Paris during those hours.

In Lyon and Grenoble there are no specific hours when the restriction is in place. Instead, it can be imposed on days where pollution is judged to be particularly high.

Cars registered before 1997, motorbikes and scooters from before June 2000 and trucks and buses from before 2001 are all excluded from the scheme, but cannot enter the zones at all when the restrictions apply.

Around 20 other towns and cities have indicated interest in adopting the same scheme.

The stickers cost €4.80. There are six categories of sticker, which are colour-coded according to how much vehicles pollute and range from the cleanest (Crit'Air 1), for electric or hydrogen-powered vehicles, to the most polluting (Crit'Air 6).

To obtain a sticker you need to visit the website French environment ministry's website Demande Crit'Air, with the process available in the English language. It is available for both France registered and UK registered vehicles.

Make sure you make application several weeks in advance of your journey.

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This article was featured in our Newsletter dated 13/05/2017

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