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Pessac belongs to the Urban Community of Bordeaux. It is surrounded amongst others by Bordeaux - of which it is the second-largest suburb - Talence and Mérignac. Renowned universities are located in this town, such as the Université Montesquieu Bordeaux IV (economic, social, political and legal sciences), the Université Michel de Montaigne Bordeaux III (Linguistics, Arts, History / Geography, etc.) and the Institut d’Etudes Politiques (Institute of Political Science) of Bordeaux.


Situated in the southern suburb of Bordeaux, Pessac is the 3rd town of the Gironde department (Bordeaux: 215,374 inhabitants / Mérignac: 61,990 / Pessac: 56,143). It is the perfect place if you plan to buy a second home in a quiet area surrounded by an outstanding nature but not too far away from the city.

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Pessac Immobilier & Property Market Trends

The average price for a property in Pessac is €2,422 per square metre. Most Pessac houses are main homes. Indeed, 94.5% of the houses are concerned. This is a considerable number in comparison with the national average (83%). On the other hand, only 1.5% of Pessac houses are holiday homes (10% for the national average).

An impressive observation is that the average housing price has almost tripled between 1996 and 2008. Property values have raised a lot since 1996 (ex.: +16.6% from 2004 to 2005), but we notice a much slower increase since 2007 (+1.7% from 2007 to 2008). With the financial crisis and the fall of housing prices, it may be the right moment to buy your own and cosy home in Pessac.

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5 Reasons to Buy a Property in Pessac

Thanks to numerous shops located at its heart, you can find almost everything in this pretty cosmopolitan town. The situation of Pessac is great: between the countryside and the city. You will be able to benefit from the countryside assets, but also to go to Bordeaux in 10 minutes by car if you like the atmosphere of the city. Below are some reasons to invest in real estate in Pessac:

  • Castles: Pessac has an abundance of wonderful castles such as the Château de Cazalet and its great park, the Château de Camponac or the Château de Brivazac, which are respectively homes to the multimedia library and the university. Pessac castles are both cultural and historical sites that you will enjoy to visit.

  • Many means of transport: there are lots of bus lines in Pessac, as well as a part of Bordeaux’s tramway. They will enable you to travel in the city, but also to go to Bordeaux or Talence for instance. There is even a night bus line for those who would like to experience Pessac’s nightlife!

  • Famous French wine appellations: Pessac’s vineyards belong to the sub-region of the Graves wine-making district. Pessac-Léognan appellation refers to 10 communes, amongst which Pessac, and contains all of the Grands Crus Classés (classification of the most famous French wines). This appellation produces both renowned red and white wines.

  • Natural areas: the 2 natural wooded sites of Pessac are also actual places of interest. Both bigger than 100 hectares, they offer various possibilities. The Bourgailh will make you (re)discover Aquitaine’s rural heritage and agricultural traditions. This park - entirely dedicated to the environment and birds - is one-of-a-kind. In the Bois des Sources du Peugue you can find fitness trails and nature discovery paths, but also pedestrian and cyclable ones.

  • Sports facilities: amongst Pessac’s sports facilities you can find an amusement park with slides, diving-boards and a pool with waves, as well as a golf course located in the middle of the pine forest. Many other sport facilities are also available for Pessac’s inhabitants and tourists.

Property Styles and Architecture in Pessac

Architecture and property styles are various in this town. You can find single-storey houses, contemporary ones, but also villas or old houses which have been renovated.

Let’s discover some property styles that can be found in Pessac.

  • Le Corbusier houses: the famous French architect and town planner Le Corbusier built his 1st large-scale project in Pessac in the mid-1920s. It consists of 70 housing units. Le Corbusier wanted in fact to allow people to live in low-cost, predetermined and homogenous cubist structures. This kind of architecture has been criticized a lot as it was set up, but it is now a property style of a great importance in Pessac.

  • Architect’s houses: there are many architect’s modern houses in Pessac. The main features of these properties, the architecture style of which is very contemporary, are often the following ones: geometric shapes (square or triangle), white painted walls, large and luminous rooms.

  • Villas: always surrounded with a very large garden and a wonderful swimming-pool, Villas are also numerous in Pessac. The sceneries that we can see from these villas are often breathtaking: fields as far as the eye can see, overall views on towns, etc.

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