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Bar le Duc is a 16,000 inhabitant town which is the Meuse department administrative centre and which belongs to the Lorraine region. It is located in the north east of France, in the former Barrois area. Barrois is the south west historical region of the current Meuse department and is not to be mixed with the Bar Duchy.

Bar le Duc is also a beautiful town that was awarded the title of ‘Un des plus beaux detours de France’, which is a French title awarded to the most beautiful 100 towns and villages in the whole France. It also boasts the renowned ‘Art and History Town’ label. Bar le Duc used to be the most powerful and important town of the east of France during the Middle Ages and Renaissance. It was the capital city of the bar Duchy, and as a consequence, Dukes and noble families used to live in the town. Nowadays, you can still see vestiges of this golden age through the Renaissance quarter and the Lower town.

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Bar le Duc Immobilier & Property Market Trends

A house in France in 2009 is sold €3,200 /sq m. In Bar le Duc, as it is sold €1,400 /sq m, the town is considered as fairly reasonable. However, if compared to the department average (€1,092 /sq m), the town is more expensive. This is understandable as the Meuse department is a rather rural area, and prices in the countryside are always lower than in towns.

As regards the rental market, as 59% of residents are tenants, Bar le Duc offers great opportunities, not to mention the high touristic period in summer. Indeed the town is one of the most touristic popular destination in the east of France, as a result it gets rather busy during summer.

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4 Reasons to Buy a Property in Bar le Duc

  • Culture, art and historical heritage: located half way between Reims and Nancy, Bar le Duc is the only town in Lorraine to boast the ‘Art and History Town’ label. By following the touristic tour you will discover the key monuments of the town, starting with the Renaissance quarter and ending up in the Lower Town. Even if the latter is architecturally less impressive than the former one, it is though no less pleasant, and you will be delighted by the lovely walks it offers along the Marne canal.

  • Gourmet food: Bar le Duc is worldwide renowned for its redcurrant jam. The originality and unique characteristic of the jam is that it is seeded thanks to a goose feather! It is a unique tradition that has been preserved since 1344. It is so rare and delicious that it is called the Bar caviar. In Bar le Duc you can also enjoy Lorraine and Meuse traditional dishes and specialities, such as the Quiche Lorraine, the Verdun sugared almonds, or the Commercy madeleines.

  • Events: as one of the most touristic destination in Lorraine and owing to its historical and architectural heritage, many events take place in Bar le Duc during all year long. The most impressive and interesting one is probably the Renaissance festival, which takes place from the 2nd of July until the 5th of July, during which period streets offer streets shows, theatre, concerts, etc. Other events include the ‘Old papers’ fair, the Antiquity fair, the Saint Nicolas Day, Sundays park, etc.

  • Architectural style: as already mentioned, Bar le Duc displays many beautiful monuments, especially Renaissance style buildings, but not only. The Renaissance quarter is one of the Renaissance urban set most beautiful in France, strolling in this area of the town you will see gorgeous mansions, with amazing sculptures and gargoyls staring at you. In the Upper Town you will also have the opportunity to see the medieval castle, with its Roman gateway and its Clock Towerm, last vestiges of those times.

Property Styles and Architecture in Bar le Duc

  • Apartments: as 58% of dwellings are apartments in Bar le Duc, you are likely to find one of them. Most of them are rather large apartments, 3 rooms or more. The main asset in comparison to detached houses is that they are usually located in the town centre and as a result they are close by all amenities.

  • Mansions: as Bar le Duc used to be a very important town, governed and dwelt by Bar Dukes, you will find some beautiful properties, such as mansions and maisons de maitre. They are usually at least 2 storey high and they are very luxury and comfortable. They also come with a fairly large garden and a courtyard, not to mention a private garage. It is the perfect house for a second-home, to spend holidays with your family and friends!

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