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Le Croisic is located in the Loire-Atlantique departement in Pays de la Loire and accounts for a population of more than 4,000 inhabitants. The town lies on a peninsula that comprises a particularly rocky coast on the south east. It is called the Côte Sauvage. Dunes, mudflats and marshlands are other beautiful sceneries that can be enjoyed in Le Croisic.


Le Croisic has a pretty port and fishery is one of the main activities of the area, beside tourism. It is true that Le Croisic has its identity set by the ocean and the coast. Many beautiful beaches offer good time to holidaymakers, while the ocean proposes good products which enter in the composition of the local gastronomy. It was during the 14th century that a stronghold and battlements were built in Croisic. At this moment, its port prospered with all the merchant ships of northern Europe that came in Croisic to sell wood, iron, tin, coal and many other raw materials. The town and its port became renowned, also because of the development of tourism occurring there. Thus, Le Croisic appears to be one of the very first sea resorts which occurred in Bretagne.

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Le Croisic Immobilier & Property Market Trends

Le Croisic is part of the Loire-Atlantique departement, which presents very disparate property prices. Indeed, the properties standing on the coast are far more expensive than the properties of the inland of Loire-Atlantique. The average property price in Le Croisic approached €3,500/sq m at the beginning of 2009 while the average price of the departement was around €3,100/sq m. In comparison to some other sea resorts of the departement, Le Croisic is slightly cheaper. Anyway, Le Croisic can be qualified as very popular as attest the 54% of the total properties which are used as second homes. In general, the properties that can be find there are mainly houses (only 30% of them are apartments). The dwellings are quite large, with almost 60% of them comprising at least two bedrooms.

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5 Reasons to Buy a Property in Le Croisic

  • Auction: being at the Croisic really means being connected with the sea, as many aspects of life such as the food or the activities are linked to it. One typical aspect is the auction which is the place where the fishermen meet the fish wholesalers. The great diversity of species fished gives an asset to Le Croisic. 80% are small fishmongers who will then propose fine products of quality to their customers.

  • Good food: located on a peninsula, Le Croisic is definitely the best place to eat sea products. Indeed, it is the first port of France for the fishing of prawns and cockle shells are another speciality. In Le Croisic, the fishermen are specialists for the fishing of langoustines, crabs, lobsters, spider crabs and other shellfishes. They largely participate to the fame of the port.

  • Oceanarium: Le Croisic presents a space totally dedicated to the ocean. On more than 2,000m², 150 different species can be observed at the Oceanarium. The spectacles of the jellyfishes’ ballet is simply marvellous, while the penguins and the sharks delight the children but also their parents.

  • Activities: the area offers many possibilities to do activities, especially water sports but not only. Besides taking advantages of the beaches, just next to them sports as fishing, diving or sailing can be done. Excursions to the islands are also organised. For those who prefer, Golf, horse-riding, climbing, archery, hiking or tennis are also possible.

  • Rental opportunities: Le Croisic is more than a port. It is a sea resort with a real soul, very appreciated as attests the high number of second homes. Thus, a property in the area will be easy to let during summer. Furthermore, the prices to rent a property for the holidays can be very high there.

Property Styles and Architecture in Le Croisic

In Le Croisic, the impressive houses can be seen as a proof of its former wealth. Many of them date from the 16th and 17th century. Ancient gables, windows adorned with balcony, decorated shed dormers….

  • Half-timbered houses: beautiful old houses can be seen in Le Croisic that once belonged to shipowners. Some of them are pretty half-timbered houses, still well-maintained. They usually comprise a ground floor made of stone, often granite, with half-timbered upper storeys. Their roof is most of the time constructed of slates and sometimes includes shed dormers.
  • Stone houses: houses made of stones are quite common in Le Croisic. Some of them show visible stones, the other have rendering facades. Their slated roof often presents openings in the form of shed dormers. The facades are most of the time painted with white or light colours, broken by the use of vivid colours for the wooden shutters.

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