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Luçon is a town of the Vendée department accounting for 9,700 inhabitants. The commune is also part of the Pays de la Loire French region. Located in the southern Vendée, Luçon benefits from a microclimate giving it a sunny and mild weather. Formerly a harbour, the town was linked to the ocean but since the brutal withdrawal of the sea during the 20th century, it is now connected to the Atlantic through canals and marshlands.

Luçon has been for centuries the spiritual capital city of the Lower Poitou, which was at that time composed of Vendée, Deux Sèvres and Vienne. The town has a great historic heritage, combining style with modern amenities. The cathedral is a main hallmark of Luçon, asare the refined Jardins du Domaine gardens. Eventually, culture, sport and a nice gastronomy are on offer.

When it comes to real estate, the area is popular for its proximity to the sea and excellent transport links, with La Rochelle airport hardly 1hr away. Many people are looking for property, which can be found at bargain prices. With an excellent buy-to-let and gite potential, Luçon is a good place to settle in France.

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Luçon Immobilier & Property Market Trends

Southern Vendée is a popular area where properties are easy to sell and to rent. Indeed, many prospective buyers spotted the sunny climate and many assets of this discreet area of France. Property in France costs €3,197 /square metre on average. Properties in Luçon’s area cost €2,400 /square metre. Apartments generally cost €2,670 /square metre but are rent quite easily, especially during summertime. Below are detailed prices for France, Pays de la Loire, Vendée and Luçon’s area’s prices.

House Prices in Luçon - 2009

Bedrooms: 2 3 4 5 Average
France 129,900 171,900 203,500 237,100 195,400
Pays de la Loire 118,300 149,000 183,500 214,300 171,700
Vendée 132,300 158,200 180,100 198,600 165,900
Luçon’s area 102,700 112,700 129,200 144,100 123,600

It is noticeable that property prices in Luçon are quite inexpensive when compared with Vendée’s property prices. However this could not last forever, as the area is more and more sought-after. If you are aiming at buying a property in Luçon then do hurry up.

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5 Reasons to Buy a Property in Luçon

  • Location & transport links: Luçon is a mere hour from La Rochelle airport and flights are offered by bidget airlines, connecting the town with the UK mainly. Motorways are available from Paris or ferry harbours such as Calais, Folkestone. One-way journey from Paris is around 4h30, from Calais 6h30. High-speed trains get to Niort, La Rochelle and Nantes, then you can transfer to Luçon in 1hr on average.

  • Lifestyle and historical heritage: the town offers a variety of buildings and monuments as well as a charming, typically Vendéen town centre. Its cathedral is a must-see. Along with this, Luçon’s inhabitants love culture. Visits of the town on offer. The theatre holds many plays during the year and given its location, Luçon is in the middle of a very rich area in terms of culture and history. The town is home to several art and music festivals during the year. Shops, cafés and restaurants are pleasant and serve the delicious local food. The street maket is gorgeous too.

  • Climate and weather: Luçon gets a great number of sunshine hours per year, indeed the Luçonnais inhabitants enjoy 225 days of sunshine per year. The microclimate of the area is renowned and many visitors come for this reason, amongst others listed here. Temperatures are also amidst the mildest in the area.

  • Tranquillity and scenery: being located not far from the coastline, Luçon enjoys many assets of this zone such as many visitors and a great climate. However, the town itself is quite calm and prospective buyers will fell it immediately. An ideal place to rest, with a pleasant scenery around, but not far from the bustling resorts and the Atlantic. Ideal for families looking to settle.

  • Rental opportunities / up and coming area: property is very easy to rent in the area. As explained above, prospective buyers will be able to find bargain properties. Another element to take into account while contemplating purchasing a house nearby is the fact that the area is more and more renowned. Without being overcrowded, one can reasonably expect their house’s value to increase in the next decade. An excellent investment opportunity without much risk.

Property Styles and Architecture in Luçon

Property styles in Vendée were largely influenced, in the past, by Poitou Charentes’ property styles and architecture. Apart from the typical property style presented below, you will find many town houses in Luçon.

  • Vendée farmhouses: they are quite numerous in the Luçonnais area. The disctinctive hallmarks of these properties are a gently sloping roof with red tiles, a lengthwise layout lost often. The property comes with a garden which is always pleasant, sometimes landscaped. The good climate of the area means that the owner can really enjoy the garden and terrace, and that the house is luminous. They make ideal family properties and can be found at moderate prices.
  • Charentaise properties: these houses are more rare in the area. They are a sign of the Poitevin influence on the area which is logical given the local history. These stone-made properties are simple but generally present a massive, prestigious aspect. They can be confused with manors or maisons de maitre because of their dimensions. They often come with a vineyar and – like the Vendee farmhouse – with a garden. The symmetrical layout of windows and doors is a typical feature.

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