4. Certificats d'Urbanisme

  1. What is a Certificat d'Urbanisme?
  2. Types of Certificat d'Urbanisme
  3. Application for a Certificat d'Urbanisme

4.3. Application for a Certificat d'Urbanisme

If you are seeking a certificate as part of the process of buying a property, the notaire should obtain it for you.

Otherwise, you need to complete an application form. A certificate can be obtained free of charge from the mairie, or DDE if the mairie is so small it does offer a planning service.

You can also download the application form by visiting Demande de certificat d'urbanisme.

If it is a operational certificate then you need to submit with the form a brief description of the proposed development and a site plan. Otherwise, you need merely submit a location plan.

The planning authority are obliged to respond within specific timsescales. It is one month for a certificat d’urbanisme d'information, and two months for a certificat d’urbanisme opérationnel, provided all necessary information has been provided.

If the planning authority do not reply within the prescribed timescale, then the certificate is deemed to have been granted tacitly, although it will only have the status of a certificat d’urbanisme d'information.

There is right of appeal against the legality of a positive decision granting a certificat d'urbanisme, which must be deposited with two months of the decision.

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