4. Certificats d'Urbanisme

  1. What is a Certificat d'Urbanisme?
  2. Types of Certificat d'Urbanisme
  3. Application for a Certificat d'Urbanisme

4.2. Types of Certificat d'Urbanisme

There are actually two types of certificat d’urbanisme:

4.2.1.Certificat d’urbanisme d'information

This merely states whether or not the land is zoned for building, together with information on public utilities and local taxes, and any rights of pre-emption that might exist on the site to the benefit of the commune.

If you have purchased land for building or redevelopment then you should have been provided with this document by the notaire at the time of purchase.

A certificat d'information does not state what permitted development may take place on the site, which is only elaborated by the more detailed certificate outlined below.

As a result, the certificat d'information is of limited value, particularly where there is any doubt about the status of the land, or what can be build upon it.

4.2.2. Certificat d’urbanisme opérationnel

This sets out the rules on density, location and size of building that may be permitted, as well as any architectural rules that may apply and information on utilities and the requirements of public utility providors.

The certificate is not always highly specific where there are few planning constraints, as is often the case in rural areas.

If you have a specific project then you can provide basic details to the planning authority and, provided its complies with the planning rules, an operational planning certificate can be issued. You then have a fairly strong guarantee that a later planning application on the same terms will be approved.

A certificat d'urbanisme is valid for eighteen months, which can be extended for a year, provided the planning rules and services requirements have not changed. To extend the certificate you need to make application at least two months before the expiry of the current certificate.

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