Guide to French Taxes

10. French Wealth Tax

  1. Introduction
  2. Liability to Wealth Tax
  3. Rates of Wealth Tax
  4. Wealth Tax Declaration

10.3. Rates of Wealth Tax in France

The tax bands and rates of taxation applicable for 2018 are shown below.

Fraction Taxable Rate of Tax
€0 - €800,000 0%
€800,000 - €1,300,000 0.50%
€1,300,000 - €2,570,000 0.70%
€2,570,000 - €5,000,000 1%
€5,000,000 - €10,000,000 1.25%
€10,000,000+ 1.50%

A wealth tax cap operates, so that total taxes should not exceed 75% of income, a rule that only applies to residents. The calculation is complex and if this is likely to apply to you then professional advice should be taken.

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