Guide to French Poste Office - La Poste

  1. Introduction to La Poste
  2. French Postal Tariffs and Services
  3. La Poste Parcel Delivery
  4. Private Parcel Delivery
  5. Parcel Delivery Problems
  6. French Postcodes
  7. La Banque Postale
  8. Complaints Procedure
  9. Glossary of French Postal Terms

6. French Postcodes

The system of postcodes in France is very straightforward. It comprises five digits, the first two of which denote the number of your département, and the last three digits for the number of your commune. The same three digits will often cover several small communes.

If you want to know the postcode of a particular commune, or the name of a commune from a postcode, you can do so at French post codes.

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