Guide to French Poste Office - La Poste

  1. Introduction to La Poste
  2. French Postal Tariffs and Services
  3. La Poste Parcel Delivery
  4. Private Parcel Delivery
  5. Parcel Delivery Problems
  6. French Postcodes
  7. La Banque Postale
  8. Complaints Procedure
  9. Glossary of French Postal Terms

8. Complaints Procedure

If you wish to make a complaint (a 'réclamation') about some aspect of the service provided by La Poste/La Banque Postale then you may wish in the first instance to approach your local branch.

If this does not resolve the matter then in relation to La Poste you need to complain to their Service-Consommateurs.

If you still do not get the satisfaction you seek then you should contact the Médiateur du groupe La Poste at the following address:

  • Le Médiateur du groupe La Poste
  • 44, boulevard de Vaugirard
  • CP F407
  • 75757 Paris cedex 15

If you wish to complain about La Banque Postale, you should contact the local branch in the first instance, following which you can make a complaint to their Service Relation Clientèle.

If the matter is not resolved to your satisfaction you can complain to the Médiateur:

  • Le Médiateur de La Banque Postale
  • 115, rue de Sèvres
  • Case Postale G 009
  • 75275 PARIS CEDEX 06

The Médiateurs are required to give a decision within two months of your complaint. Although their view is not binding it is generally adopted.

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