Boundary Walls and Fences in France

  1. Is it a Private or Common Wall?
  2. Rights Concerning Private Boundary Walls
  3. Planning Rules on New Construction
  4. Maintenance of Common Boundary Wall
  5. Constructing Against Common Boundary Wall
  6. Increasing Height of Common Boundary Wall
  7. Relinquish Shared Ownership of Wall

7. Relinquish Shared Ownership of Wall

Either owner of a common wall can give up rights of ownership, and with it the obligation to maintain it.

This right is possible on a unilateral basis, except where the wall supports an existing building.

If a neighbour gives up shared ownership then the remaining party becomes the sole owner. The formal process of property transfer would then need to proceed through a notaire in the normal way.

Nevertheless, it is not quite as final as it seems, for it is possible for someone giving up shared ownership to later commence a process to reclaim the right to shared ownership!

So if you are contemplating taking on full ownership you would be best advised to take legal advice to minimise this risk.

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