Dealing with Noise Nuisance in France

  1. Definition of Noise Nuisance
  2. Negotiation and Mediation
  3. Police Intervention
  4. Criminal Proceedings
  5. Civil Proceedings
  6. Commercial Noise

4. Criminal Proceedings

If you have reported the matter to the police and the Procureur decides to bring a criminal action it is heard in the Tribunal d’instance.

The maximum fine is a derisory €450, unless there is clear evidence of malicious intent, when a prison sentence can be imposed.

If the Procureur decides not to proceed to court, then one option they may take is to ask the legal Mediateur Pénal to intervene.

This person should not be confused with a conciliateur de justice as the Médiateur Pénal is a person whose assistance can only be invoked by the Procureur.

The Médiateur Pénal has the same role as that as a conciliateur de justice and, in the same manner, has no powers to enforce a solution to the problem.

Nevertheless, if the offending party refuses to engage in the process or continues with the noise after their intervention then it will have a persuasive influence in a later court hearing.

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