Electricity Supply Services in France

Welcome to our Guide to Electricity Supply Services in France.

In this guide we provide summary information on how to go about opening a new electricity account for your home in France, and how to obtain a new electricity supply for a new or renovated home.

We take you through the electricity tariffs that apply in France and we provide an overview of what you can expect to find on your electricity bill, as well information on the different ways you can go about paying the bill.

We explain your electricity bill and how you can pay your bill.

There is information on the assistance that is available if you get into financial difficulties, or you are on a low income.

If you want to change your electricity supplier we show you how to go about doing so.

Finally, we also provide information on how you can go about making a complaint if you are not satisfied with the service you are receiving from your electricity supplier.

  1. Opening an Electricity Account in France
  2. Getting a New Electricity Supply
  3. French Electricity Tariffs
  4. Your French Electricity Bill
  5. Assistance with Payment of Electricity Bills
  6. Changing Your Electricity Supplier
  7. Complaints Procedures

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