Electricity Supply Services in France

  1. Opening an Electricity Account in France
  2. Getting a New Electricity Supply
  3. French Electricity Tariffs
  4. Your French Electricity Bill
  5. Assistance with Payment of Electricity Bills
  6. Changing Your Electricity Supplier
  7. Complaints Procedures

5. Help with Your French Electricity Bills

Whether or not you use electricity to heat your home, if you are on a low income you may be entitled to assistance with your energy costs, although the conditions are tight and the assistance meagre.

The assistance comes in the form of a chèque énergie, ranging from €48 to €277. An additional sum of €100 is also available to deal the increase in energy prices, up to the end of 2023.

Those eligible are single persons with a net income (Revenu Fiscal de Référence) no greater than €10,800, rising to €17,400 for a couple and around €19,440 for a couple with with one child, and so on (2022/23)

However, if you are at or near the maximum income levels then you will only be entitled to a minimum level of support.

There is an official simulator you can use to assess your eligibility at Chèque énergie

You cannot cash the cheque; you will need to use it to pay an energy bill or towards energy conservation works.

There is no need for potential claimants to take any action, as the payments will be made on the basis of tax returns submitted.

5.1 Protection Against Disconnection

The law protects households, in the context of their main residence, during the winter period (from 1st November of each year to 31st March of the following year).

During this period, electricity suppliers may not interrupt the supply of electricity to individuals or families, including by terminating contracts for non-payment of bills.

Electricity suppliers may, however, during this period, reduce power, except for consumers who receive an energy voucher.

A new law in 2022 strengthens the protection of households by prohibiting electricity suppliers from interrupting the supply of electricity, including by terminating the contract, to a principal residence during the rest of the year for non-payment of bills, without having first respected a period of power reduction.

This period may not be less than one month and must enable the household to meet its basic needs of daily life and hygiene.

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