Electricity Supply Services in France

  1. Opening an Electricity Account in France
  2. Getting a New Electricity Supply
  3. French Electricity Tariffs
  4. Your French Electricity Bill
  5. Assistance with Payment of Electricity Bills
  6. Changing Your Electricity Supplier
  7. Complaints Procedures

5. Assistance with Your French Electricity Bills

Whether or not you use electricity to heat your home, if you are on a low income you may be entitled to assistance with your energy costs, although the conditions are tight and the assistance meagre.

The assistance comes in the form of a chèque énergie, ranging from €48 to €277.

Those eligible are single persons with a net income (Revenu Fiscal de Référence) no greater than €10,800, rising to around €15,500 for a couple with with two children.

However, if you are at or near the maximum income levels then you will only be entitled to a minimum level of support.

There is an official simulator you can use to assess your eligibility at Chèque énergie

You cannot cash the cheque; you will need to use it to pay an energy bill or towards energy conservation works.

There is no need for potential claimants to take any action, as the payments will be made on the basis of tax returns submitted.

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