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3. French Electricity Tariffs

There are two main types of tariffs available and the details of each are given below.

They are those that apply commencing 1st January 2018, but are subject to at least annual change.

The power supply offered by EDF goes up to 36KVA, although we only show tariffs to 18KVA in the following tables. In addition, a supply in excess of 15KVA is not available for residential households using the 'Tarif de Base'.

The tariffs include VAT and other increasingly significant taxes and charges, ie, Taxe sur la consommation finale d’électricité (TCFE), Contribution au service public de l’électricité (CSPE), and La contribution tarifaire d’acheminement (CTA).

Despite the criticisms of consumer groups about electricity charges in France, the regulated prices EDF are obliged to charge French consumers actually means they make a loss each year on their domestic operations.

In addition, electricity prices in France continue to remain below the European average.

According to Eurostat, the average price per KWh in the Euro area in 2016 was €0.219, whilst in France it was €0.169. In the UK the average price was €0.195.

However, many French households pay a higher monthly charge in electricity than consumers elsewhere in Europe due to the poor level of insulation in many homes.

I. 'Tarif de Base' (Bleu)

If your water and space heating is not electric then you would be best to choose this tariff, which has the same rate throughout the day and year.

Power Rating Monthly Standing Charge Price per kWh
(kVA) (Euros) (Euros)
3 5.74 0.15.55
6 8.92 0.14.67
9 10.42 0.14.83
12 11.86 0.14.83
15 13.50 0.14.83
18 15.27 0.14.83

II. 'Heures Creuses/Heures Pleines'

If you have a night-storage electric water heater or storage radiators you would be best advised to choose this option, which provides off peak electricity rates to heat your appliances.

The timing and duration of off-peak hours does vary across the country, so you need to ask your local EDF office the hours that apply in your area. You can also find out on-line at ENEDIS. Generally, the off-peak hours (heures creuses) are 2330-0730.

In the following table we show a supply up to 18KVA, but up to 36KVA is also available.

Power Rating Monthly Standing Charge Peak time for 1 kWh Off-peak time for 1 kWh
(kVA) (Euros) (Euros) (Euros)
6 10.06 0.1593 0.1252
9 12.25 0.1593 0.1252
12 14.26 0.1593 0.1252
15 16.12 0.1593 0.1252
18 17.83 0.1593 0.1252

EDF also offer a tariff called Tempo with charges that vary according to the time of year and of day. It is a complicated tariff to operate and we do not give details here.

If you are in any doubt, the best way of approaching this whole issue is to ask for a free assessment of your requirements by EDF.

The service is called Conseil Tarifaire, which you can obtain by ringing 0969321515, or visiting your local EDF office.

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