Unemployment Benefits in France

  1. Registration with France Travail (Pôle emploi)
  2. Export of Jobseeker's Allowance (JSA)
  3. Business Start-Up Support
  4. Rules on Unemployment Benefit

2. Export of Jobseeker's Allowance (JSA)

For those who are unemployed in the UK, contribution-based or 'new style' JSA is paid for a maximum of 3 months. Income based JSA is only available if you continue to reside in the UK.

You may be able to have JSA paid to you whilst you look for work in France, for up to 3 months under the following conditions, which remain in place whilst the UK remains in the EU.

  • If you are entitled to contribution-based JSA on the day you go abroad to look for work and you have claimed for less than 6 months in the UK. In this case, you may be allowed to export the balance of up to 3 months of your remaining entitlement;
  • If you have registered as a job-seeker and have been available for work for at least 4 weeks before you go to France. This condition may be waived in certain circumstances.

You will need to discuss your plans to seek work in France with your job centre before you leave the UK. They will send relevant details to the International Pension Centre (IPC) who will decide if your JSA can be paid to you while you are abroad. If so, you will be given either the appropriate entitlement form (U1, formerly E301/E303), or a covering letter explaining about JSA before you go.

You will need to register with France Travail (Pôle emploi) in France and give them the entitlement form or covering letter.

France Travail will send details of your search for work and your registration with them to the IPC.

Contribution-based JSA will be paid directly to your UK bank or building society account at the UK rate.

If you register with a job-centre within 7 days of leaving the UK, your payment of contribution-based JSA should be continuous.

You should tell the job-centre in advance of your move, who will then forward claim details to the IPC.

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