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Barbotan-les-Thermes, commonly called Barbotan, is a thermal bath resort that belongs to the small town of Cazaubon. The latter is a 1,545 inhabitant village located at the heart of the Bas-Armagnac region in Gascony. The village stands out for its thermal resort, but also for its historical and cultural heritage. As a matter of fact, the hot spring has been known since before the Christian era, and as a consequence the area has been dwelt and frequented for more than 2,000 years.


The former town of Cazaubon was probably built during the 5th century, when the Aquitains used to build their villages up the hill, in a defensive position. Then during the 11th century the fortifications were built with four gates in them, as the traditional bastides. Cazaubon had then 8 parishes, Barbotan, then known as Saint Pierre, being one of them.

At its origin, Barbotan was called San Pé du Riou Caou (which means in Occitan ‘Saint Peter of the Hot River’), as the river than runs around the church comes from the hot spring. The name of Barbotan came with the eponymous family who settled in the area and became the most powerful one. The therapeutic effects of the hot spring were known since before the Christian era, however Barbotan became famous in France during the 16th century when prestigious families, such as Henri IV or Montaigne went to threat their illness.

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Barbotan-les-Thermes Immobilier & Property Market Trends

Even though Barbotan is a busy place all year long, and especially in summer, house prices remain rather low. To buy a house in Cazaubon you will need around €1,390/ sq m, which is lower than the national average (€3,200/sq m) and even than the department average (€1,740/ sq m)

Cazaubon, and to a greater extent Barbotan, is a small village which can explain why house prices are very low. Accommodations around the thermal baths are mainly camping, gites (kind of B&B) and hotels, and the offer for particular houses is not very high.

As a result buying a property in Barbotan or Cazaubon might be a good move for a buy-to-let investment, as you’ll be able to convert it into a camping or a gite. If you are looking for a second-home, or even a main home, you will be more likely to find a property in Cazaubon than in Barbotan.

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5 Reasons to Buy a Property in Barbotan-les-Thermes

  • Thermal baths: Barbotan is renowned mainly for its thermal baths. The originality of its water and mud is that they can treat both venous and rheumatologic diseases. The water comes out at 38°C and is used at a temperature of 36°C for treatments and the mud is 38 to 42°C and is composed of silicon dioxide.

  • Outdoor activities: Barbotan has developed a sportive area around thermal baths which attracts families from all around Gers. The leisure centre is built around a 80 hectare lake and it boasts a 700sq m leisure swimming pool, a 25metre pool, a 260 metre sand beach around the lake and beach chairs. In this area visitors can also play volley ball, ping pong, practice canoe, rowing, and tennis. You can also go fishing on the lake.

  • Historical heritage: as already mentioned, Cazaubon was built during the 5th century and fortifications were made during the 11th century. Unfortunately, the town council square with its typical archways, some of the gates, and some medieval houses in the old Cazaubon have been the only ones to survive until now. Also five churches out of the eight around Cazaubon are still in use.

  • Casino: as Barbotan is a touristic area a bright new casino was built in 2008 to replace the former one. In addition to all the traditional cash machines and games you will find in there, visitors have also access to a restaurant opened every day, a pub and also an exhibition hall where during the week there are some local and regional artists’ exhibitions and during the week end balls are organised. The restaurant enables visitors to taste the local gastronomy, dominated by duck meat, Cotes de Gascogne wines and Armagnac.

  • Way of life: located at the heart of the Bas-Armagnac area, Barbotan is a laid back town, known as the capital of the well-being. You will appreciate the peaceful landscape of the town, surrounded by the lake and a forest. Do not hesitate to go to the local street market where you will find all the local produces, cheeses, wines, Armagnac, meat, and local art craft. It is also a very good way to meet local people. After your market you should go have a café, or an aperitif (according to the time) at the café near by.

Property Styles and Architecture in Barbotan-les-Thermes

Even though there are some half timbered houses in the old Cazaubon, you are not likely to find these properties on the market. The offer is more focused on modern detached houses. Located downtown or outside the town, these properties are usually big houses, two storey high and come with a garden. They are modern properties, very light houses, with an average of 4 bedrooms. It is not rare to see some of them with a swimming pool.

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