2. Home Improvement Grants in France

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2.5. What is the Level of the Home Improvement Grant?

The level of the grant will vary according to the condition of the property, the type of works, and the circumstances of the applicant.

There are local variations in the rules, and although you may meet the basic eligibility criteria, a grant is not awarded as of right.

If the property is within a housing improvement area, (called Opération Programme d’Amélioration de l’Habitat (OPAH)), there is the prospect of additional assistance through the local or county council, although you may well find what you recieve with one hand is taken away with the other!

i. Owner Occupiers

The grant levels depend on the condition of the property, the proposed works, and the income of the applicant.

There are two main grant schemes - Habiter Sain and Habiter Serein - which can be used together, but with the latter aimed at major works on properties that are in a very poor condition.

The maximum level is 50% of the cost of the works, excluding VAT, with a maximum grant of €40,000 for a low income household living in property that is insanitary.

The level of support for adaptations for elderly or disabled persons is also up to 50%, depending on income.

One other complicating factor in the home improvements grants scheme is that there are separate schemes available for energy efficiency works.

You cannot obtain grant complementary support under the main grants scheme for energy conservation (Ma Prime Rénov), but is it possible to obtain support under the scheme Certificats d'Economies d'Energie (CEE).

You can read about the financial assistance for energy efficiency at Home Energy Efficiency in France.

It is also possible to make application for an interest free loan of up to €30,000 for energy conservation works. You can read more at Eco Prêt.

ii. Landlords

For landlords, grants are also available, and there is no test of resources.

However, the property must be let to tenants with a maximum income level, and at a controlled rent. The income thresholds and the rental levels do vary substantially, depending on the location of the property and the nature of the contract with the housing agency. The lower the rental level agreed, the higher the level of the grant.

After completion of the works the property must also reach a minimum level of energy rating.

The actual amount of the grant for a landlord will also depend on the condition of the property, for which a standard square metre rate applies. It is quite a confusing set of rules and once all the conditions have been imposed, the level of the grant may disappoint.

  • Major works for property in very poor condition - 35% of cost of works, ex VAT, up to €350m2 and €28,000.

  • Works to make property secure and sanitary - 35% of the cost of the works, ex VAT, up to a maximum of €262.5m2 and €21,000.

  • Adaptation works for infirm/elderly person - a maximum of €262.5m2 up to €21,000 46 * Adaptation works for infirm/elderly person - a maximum of €262.5m2 up to €21,000.

  • Renovation Works - 25% of the cost of the works, ex VAT, a maximum of €187.5m2 up to €15,000.

  • Energy Improvement Works - 25% of the cost of the works, ex VAT, up to €187.5m2 and €15,000.

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