Guide to French Poste Office - La Poste

  1. Introduction to La Poste
  2. French Postal Tariffs and Services
  3. Parcel Delivery
  4. Private Parcel Delivery
  5. Parcel Delivery Problems
  6. French Postcodes
  7. La Banque Postale
  8. Complaints Procedure
  9. Glossary of French Postal Terms

7. La Banque Postale

La Banque Postale is the retail banking arm of La Poste who operate alongside the normal post-office counters, or as part of the same counter service.

The banking services offered by La Banque Postale are enjoyed by many millions of French citizens because they are generally less expensive than the main retail banks, they have an extensive branch network, and they are open on a Saturday morning, although this advantage is fast disappearing as some banks start the practice.

Until 2009 they had a monopoly of the popular tax free savings account called Livret A, which was the main reason for their popularity.

This monopoly was removed in January 2009, since when all banks are able to offer the product.

La Banque Postale also offer mortgage services, with rates that are often below those of the main banks.

Nevertheless, their procedures in relation to non-French citizens still leaves room for improvement, and only those who can offer a secure and clear source of income will be accepted for a mortgage.

The bank offers unsecured loans and a range of insurance products for health cover, and car and house cover.

The bank also offers foreign exchange, but in a report published in November 2018, a French consumer body considered that their tariffs were some of the highest in the market.

To open an account you can start the process on the internet, but best to visit your local branch with your passport, utility bills and proof of income, eg tax notice.

Non-residents can also hold an account, provided they already hold a bank account elsewhere in the EEA, where you must also live.

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