Unemployment Benefits in France

  1. Registration with France Travail (Pôle emploi)
  2. Export of Jobseeker's Allowance (JSA)
  3. Business Start-Up Support
  4. Rules on Unemployment Benefit

1. Registration with France Travail (Pôle emploi)

The unemployment agency France Travail (Pôle emploi) was borne out of the merger in December 2008 of 'ANPE', responsible for providing assistance in finding employment, and 'Assedic', responsible for the collection of unemployment contributions and the payment of benefits.

In the event of becoming unemployed in France you need to register (s'inscrire) with France Travail.

If you do not register with them within 12 months of losing your employment you lose the right to any unemployment benefits to which you may have been entitled.

You can also register with France Travail even though you may never have worked in France. However, there is no entitlement to unemployment benefits, unless you have paid into the system, or you are transferring rights from another EU country.

In order to register with the service in the first instance you need to do so on-line at France Travail.

The site is entirely in the French language, and you will be required to complete a short questionnaire. You should print out a copy of the completed questionnaire for your own retention.

Once you have registered you will receive by e-mail an appointment for an interview.

When you attend for interview you will need to bring with you a range of documentation:

  • Passport/Identity card;
  • Social security card (Carte d’immatriculation à la Sécurité Sociale) ;
  • Confirmation from former employer (which they are obliged to provide you);
  • Relevé d'identité bancaire (RIB) which provides basic information on your bank account.

You will need to continue to re-register with France Travail at the end of each month, confirming that you are still looking for work.

You can re-register over the internet, or by ringing 3949, giving your registration number and personal code, which will have been communicated to you when you registered.

You should hear a message confirming that you have re-registered, and if you do not, then start the process again.

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