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Gondrin is a 1,000 inhabitant village located at the heart of the Bas-Armagnac area, in the Gers department. It is located few kilometres from Eauze and stands out for its swimming pool leisure centre. This peaceful town gets rather busy in summer as it is the largest leisure centre in the department in terms of visitors (65,000 each year)


Gondrin was built over a former Roman oppidum, which is a fortification town located on the height. However, the small village experienced its golden age during the 17th century, when a noble family settled in the area and improved the already existing castle. The village was then composed of the castle, the wall fortifications with four big gates in the north and south, and two small ones in the west and east, a chapel, and many manors and wealthy houses.

Nowadays you can still see some vestiges of its glorious medieval period, especially through houses in the town centre. People usually choose to go and to live in Gondrin because of the welcoming atmosphere of the village and above all because of the beautiful landscapes, between sunflowers and vineyards.

Gondrin is also a touristic destination and as a matter of fact it has been listed as a Station verte, which is a French label for villages in the countryside or in the mountains that can provide accommodations and infrastructures for its visitors, as well as offer a preserved natural environment.

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Gondrin Immobilier & Property Market Trends

It is surprising to see that despite the high demand for housing in the department, property prices remain rather low. A house in Gers in 2009 is worth in average €1,730/ sq m, which makes Gondrin, with €1,800/sq m slightly more expensive than the department average. However, they are both fairly down below the French average (€3,200/sq m).

Gondrin is a lovely village to buy a second home, however it is also a good place to invest in a buy-to-let, as tourists are numerous owing to the leisure centre.

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4 Reasons to Buy a Property in Gondrin

  • Leisure centre: Gondrin has the largest leisure centre of the department in terms of visitors (65,000 each year). The centre offers a huge circular swimming pool with an 80m diameter, a paddling pool, water games, an air trampoline, a beach volley field, 2 tennis fields, 2 ping pong tables, picnic tables and a bar. It is a paradise for families with children, who can stay in the camping close by and go to the leisure centre every day.

  • Tranquillity and scenery: Gondrin is located in Eauze countryside and is surrounded by green and yellow hills for they display forest, vineyards and sunflowers. The village is very quiet, even though is summer it does get a little crowded, especially the surrounding campings.

  • Climate and weather: one of the main asset of the Gers, in addition to the beautiful countryside, is its weather. If you wish to escape the rainy humid British weather, then this area will be perfect for you. However, you might be aware that temperature can easily reach 35°C in August. But this is the price to pay to have delicious fruits and vegetables, as well as delicious Cotes de Gascogne wines.

  • People: people in Gers are naturally welcoming and warm people. They appreciate to be surrounded by foreigners and are very curious about other cultures. Do not be surprised if they ask you to tell them about your country and to cook some specialties of your area. Indeed, food occupies a very large part in the society, and is a very good way to share different culture and habits.

Property Styles and Architecture in Gondrin

There are no special property styles in Gondrin. Properties there are mainly half timbered houses in the village centre, last vestiges of Gondrin power and wealth. Around the village you will find modern accommodations, very light houses, with swimming pool and with a breathtaking view over the countryside.

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