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Lectoure is a 4,000 inhabitant town located in the Gers department ( Midi Pyrenees region). However the town belongs to the historical region of Lomagne, an area located in the north east of Gascony, between the Gers and Lot et Garonne departments. Lectoure is located between Agen and Auch and 22km east of Condom. The town was built in height and was a former Oppidum (a Roman fortification).


Lectoure has always been an important town in the south west of France. For decades it was the capital of the Armagnac County, and its reputation as a fortified and unassailable town was well known in the entire country. Nowadays, the town has lost its administrative power, however it remains a compulsory stop in the visit of the Gers department, and an important town as regards gastronomy.

The Gascony town will definitely charm you with its rich historical heritage, its breathtaking landscapes, its gastronomy and its thermal resort. It is an incontrovertible stop if you are visiting the south west of France, and an excellent place to invest in the area.

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Lectoure Immobilier & Property Market Trends

The Gers department is fairly affordable, which is both understandable, as it is a very rural area, and surprising as demand is the area is rather high and it is becoming a very fashionable area, above all amongst British citizens who love the Gersois way of life and landscapes. In June 2009 a property in Lectoure cost €1,656/sq m, which is slightly lower than the department average (€1,730/sq m) and than the national average (€3,200/ sq m).

The bad piece of news is that prices have now started to increase, which means that if you want to buy a property you would be better not to think it over too much. Indeed, the area was hit by the real estate crisis and prices decreased a little. Since April 2009 prices have started to increase again from €1,585/sq m in April to €1,656 /sq m by the end of July. However, prices are still rather low and if you wish to invest in the town there are still bargains to be driven.

Investing in a buy-to-let can also be a good idea as the town is very touristic. In summer the town is crowded with both pilgrims going to Santiago de Compostela, and with patients attending the thermal baths.

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4 Reasons to Buy a Property in Lectoure

  • Culture, architectural and historical heritage: owing to its historical heritage Lectoure has been listed as an Art and History town. The fortified town displays many old monuments dating back to the 16th century or even before. The town council was built from 1676 to 1682 and was a bishop palace since the Revolution. By walking in the main street you will see many mansions and medieval housing, such as the Albinhac tower (13th century). Do not miss either the former ramparts with its towers (executioner tower, half moon tower and Grand Boulevard tower).

  • Gourmet food: cooking and eating in Gascony is a genuine art and savoir faire. Lectoure, in addition to the traditional duck and Armagnac dishes, displays its own specialties. The Melon de Lectoure is the best one in south west of France and you will find it in every street markets and even supermarkets of the region. The purple Lectoure garlic is also very popular in south west and is the one to be used in the traditional Gascony cuisine (such as the Tourin, a garlic and eggs soup).

  • Tranquillity and scenery: if you are looking for a quiet place to spend your holidays or for a peaceful area to buy a second-home, Lectoure is the town for you. Lectoure’s countryside is breathtaking: hills covered by vineyards and sunflowers, green and yellow mixed for the delight of the eyes. Moreover if you feel tired you can relax at the new thermal bath opened in 2003. In addition to the rheumatology centre there is a an open access to the swimming pools, spas, saunas and Turkish baths, etc.

  • Activities: Lectoure is a lively town which has on offer many activities, cultural or sportive ones. First of all it is important to mention that the Saint Jacques de Compostelle walkway goes passes though the town making Lectoure an incontrovertible stop for pilgrims. This activity leads many visitors to the town and a special kind of tourism has been developed around it. Moreover, Lectoure offers every kind of sports usually practiced in the south west, such as judo, football, bike, and rugby. However Lectoure is proud to be the unique town in Gers to offer a women rugby team.

Property Styles and Architecture in Lectoure

  • Maisons de maitre: they are usually located just outside the town as they used to belong to rich landlords willing to show their wealth to farmers working for them. As a consequence they are huge properties, two or three storey high, with one or two kitchens, many bedrooms and two to three bathrooms. Most of them have usually been restored and have kept all their former features while boasting modern equipments. This kind of property is perfect if you want to let it as a gite or convert it into a hotel.

  • Farmhouses: as Lectoure is surrounded by the countryside it is no wonder that you will find many farmhouses. Their style can vary, from half-timbered houses to stone houses. They also come with outbuildings, nowadays converted into a garage or into more accommodations. You will find many farmhouses beautifully renovated (even with a swimming pool), and other ones that will need to be renovated.

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