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Aubeterre is a 4,700 inhabitant French town located in the south of the Charente department – Poitou Charentes region. It is surrounded with the Dronne River, which offers a sandy equipped beach and several activities (bathing, fishing, canoeing and kayaking). It is part of the most beautiful villages of France. Its name comes from Alba terra, meaning ‘white earth’.


The most beautiful monument of Aubeterre is probably its underground church called Saint Jean. the so-called monolith church is dug in the cliff dominating the town. The main body stands at 20m. Saint Jacques collegial is another richness of Aubeterre. It was built in 1562 during the religion wars and rebuilt during the 12th century. Aubeterre’s church is a historical jewel. Its amazing 12th century Roman façade is decorated with sculpted archways. The four towers of the castle are also worth seeing as well as the apostles’ tower. All over the town, you cam discover paintings, wooden, leather or glass items and ceramics made by craftsmen.

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Aubeterre sur Dronne Immobilier & Property Market Trends

Aubeterre being a very small town - 418 inhabitants - it will be difficult to find an apartment. However, people settling in the countryside often are not interested in flats. In 2009, the property price in the town is about €1,600/square metre i.e. half price when compared to the national average (€3,197/square metre). Rental opportunities are not great in the town, which is more dedicated to people who want to settle in. thus, Aubeterre is the perfect location if you are looking for a main homd and even a secondary house. A 2 or 3-room property may be found for less than €150,000. if you are a DIY person, you can also pitch on a property to renovate: prices are much lower (between €80,000 and €110,000).

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3 Reasons to Buy a Property in Aubeterre sur Dronne

  • Cultural and historical heritage: if you are a religious monument lover, then Aubeterre sur Dronne is the perfect location for you. In the town centre, you can visit Saint Jean monolith church and Saint Jacques church. In the area, many Roman churches and convents will also satisfy your curiosity. This is the occasion for you to learn more about French religious heritage. During summer, guided tours are organized and allow to discover Aubeterre and its surroundings by foot or by bike.
  • Tranquillity and scenery: Aubeterre is the rural idyll. Located in remote parts, the town offers an infinite quietness and wonderful view on the countryside. During summer, you can spend your week-ends at the beach and bath in the river. Lifestyle is quite relaxed and French art de vivre is well represented there. Famers and cows will be your neighbours!
  • Activities and hobbies: the closeness with the Dronne River allow Aubeterre residents to pratise diverse and original activities. Indeed, the town equipped the river banks with a beautiful sandy beach. There, you can bath safely or choose other more dynamic activities such as canoeing and kayaking. Fishers will also be satisfied of Aubeterre’s assets as the river is full of fishes!

Property Styles and Architecture in Aubeterre sur Dronne

  • Town houses: their main asset is to be situated in the town centre which are slightly more dynamic than other remote properties. They are classic properties often attached to others. Inside, some may need some works, but in general they are renovated. They may come with a piece of land or a garden.
  • Detached houses: they are located in remote parts of the town and offer thus a great view on the countryside. They may be of different kind: cottage or bungalow mainly. Chimney, courtyard, exposed beams are the main features of detached houses. Some of them are constructed with stones, which may be exposed or not. They offer both tranquility and great scenery.

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