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Ruffec is a picturesque 4,000-inhabitant town located in the Charente department ( Poitou Charentes region ). It is crossed by two Charente river affluents: Lien and Péruse and the some 4,000 inhabitants are called the Ruffécois(es).


Ruffec is built on a vast limestone plateau in middle of colourful landscapes. Thanks to an oceanic climate, Ruffec benefits from an above-average annual sunshine period (about 1,900 hours). Winters bring average temperatures of -4⁰C while in summer temperature gets around 20⁰C. There are 50 frost days per year at most with quite numerous rainfalls allowing to cultivate many crops.

Ruffec is said to be a thriving town on the threshold of the Poitou-Charentes region. It has so many things to offer to its residents and visitors that it is quite complex to deal with all its assets. It is notably renowned for the square of Saint André church. Relics of the past are to be discovered throughout the town within green surroundings. This typical village really boasts a pleasant traditional lifestyle.

A very good geographical location at the heart of the region allows Ruffec to be the ‘capital’ of north Charente. Situated close to networks and big towns, it has however remained autonomous. The cultivation of cereals is still very active but the economy is nowadays mainly based upon the service sector. More than 100 successful shops are to be found and put the town at the 7th regional rank in terms of business attractivity. Ruffec is definitely a growing town.

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Ruffec Immobilier & Property Market Trends

In 2009, property prices in Ruffec are low probably due to the current real estate crisis. Thus many bargains are on the market and it is clearly the right time to invest in a property in the town.

The average property price in the area is about €1,100 /sq m. considering the national average (€3,197 /sq m), Ruffec is a great location if you are looking for a placement. You can find small properties for less than €100,000 and 3-bedroom houses for about €150,000. Larger dwellings should cost around €200,000.

The commune has good rental opportunities since about 40% of its residents are tenants. A buy-to-let investment could be fast profitable to you. If your budget is low, you can pitch on a town house or a village house which are generally less expensive. If you can afford a detached house, then you will benefit from other assets such as quietness in the countryside.

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4 Reasons to Buy a Property in Ruffec

  • International relationship: Ruffec has been twinned with a German town for more than 30 years. Today, it also feeds international relationships with Hungary. Exchanges with the latter indeed take place regularly both with schools and delegations accordingly set up. The twinning represents for these towns a feeling of belonging to the European community. Over Europe’s borders, the commune also organizes meetings with the town of Macina in Mali. Ruffec inhabitants are thus probably open-minded and welcoming people who should make you appreciate their area.
  • Tranquillity and scenery: Ruffec is situated in a rural area and offers quiet ness and view on the countryside. Lifestyle there is relaxed and this is a good opportunity to discover the French art de vivre. The surrounding towns are thriving centres where you can find more dynamism. Other places are touristy attractions and are worth seeing and visiting. Finally, speaking with the locals will help you a lot integrating yourself into the community.
  • Historical and architectural heritage: the ancient districts with narrow streets and timber-framed houses have an irresistible bygone charm. The olden mill and wash house are dominated by the vestiges of a stronghold and the faubourg du Pontereau is worth visiting. The loveliest jewel is without doubt the Saint-André church. It was originally a Roman church but since its destruction during the 17th century, the point of interest was rebuilt with a Gothic style. Only the front façade kept its original appearance.
  • Location – transport links: in the heart of Poitou Charentes and on the threshold of the south west of France, Ruffec is located at an economic junction between Paris and Spain. Excellent railway and road service (2h20 to reach Paris by the high-speed train and direct lines connect the town to London, Niort and Limoges). Close to economic centres such as Poitiers, Angouleme, La Rochelle, Niort and Limoges. Brie-Champniers airport leads to domestic destinations like Paris, Lyon and Clermont Ferrand.

Property Styles and Architecture in Ruffec

  • Village houses: they are located in the town centre and are close to all amenities. They come with a land, a garage and outbuildings. Beams are often exposed. As far as property is concerned, they are cheap houses and are ideal for a buy-to-let or for a first investment.
  • Charentaise houses: with their symmetrical and rectangular shape, they are typical properties of the Poitou Charentes region. Another feature is the number of floors: seldom more than two storeys. They have numerous windows in each side of the entrance door and are in general made of stones.
  • Stone houses: they are generally situated in calm and tranquil areas of the countryside and. They may be of different type: cottage, bungalow or detached houses for instance. These lovely properties offer a beautiful view on the countryside and exposed stones in some of them give a certain charm and authenticity. They can hold land, garage and outbuildings.

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