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Confolens is a French town located in the Charente department and in the Poitou Charentes region. It is located in the confluence of the Vienne river and the Goire. Confolens is one of the sous-prefectures of Charente. It is about 60km to three main regional towns: Limoges, Angouleme and Poitiers. The town is surrounded with the Vienne department in the north, with Ruffec and Angouleme peripheries in the west and with the Haute Vienne department in the east. It currently houses about 3,000 inhabitants, amongst which 30% is represented by senior citizens. Thus, it may be a good location for a relaxed retirement.


Confolens is a fortified town renowned for its festival and cultural and artistic heritage. A survey on the cultural heritage of the town studied about 650 monuments in the town centre and 70 in the area. Numerous megalithic monuments may be seen throughout the town. Récollets convent, Clarisses convent and Charity sisters’ house are the three principal religious monuments of Confolens.

Confolens is divided into different centres. An administrative area house the dungeon, town hall, high school, courts amongst others. The shopping centre welcomes people and travellers going to shopping, fairs, hostels… In the residential centre, you will see detached dwellings and palaces.

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Confolens Immobilier & Property Market Trends

Confolens is an attractive location foreign investors. Indeed, many properties in the town centre are bought by British or Dutch residents. However, second homes represent only 3.8% of the total dwellings so you have few chances to have a British or Dutch neighbour. Small houses in the town are very cheap. In 2009, 2-bedroom properties cost between €88,000 and €146,500. For the same price, you can also find 3-bedroom houses, which is a great bargain. If your budget is high, you can pitch on a large property with 6 and more bedrooms and set up a Bed and Breakfast. Such properties should cost from €200,000 to €800,000. You need to target your expectations before taking a decision. Indeed, thinking about your project may help you finding a bargain.

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3 Reasons to Buy a Property in Confolens

  • Cultural heritage: Confolens welcomes each year in August a folklore festival. Since 50 years, the five continents are represented during this meeting. Dance, music, conviviality and fraternity are the annual program of the festival. Confolens has become one of the most important artistic locations and it nowadays dominates the art and popular tradition world. Over 250 voluntary workers participate each year to the festival organisation.
  • Tourism – sights: Confolens is at a strategic junction as it is close to any type of landscape. In the surroundings, the countryside dominates and offers quietness, tranquillity and beautiful scenery. Travelling to the west, the coastal side is an attractive place for tourism and holidays. In the south, the Pyrenees mountain range allows skiing during winter and hiking during summer. As far as property is concerned, the area attracts more and more Brits and new residents.
  • Location – transport links: Confolens is well-located since situated 40 minutes to Limoges airport and the Atlantic Ocean. From Limoges airport, you can fly regularly to the UK (London, Bristol, Edinburgh, Bournemouth, Liverpool, Nottingham and Southampton) and to French destinations Nice, Corsica, Lyon and Paris). The town is also 1hr from Poitiers, where a high-speed train leads to Paris in 1h20 or La Rochelle in 40 minutes. A regular coach route also connects the town to Angouleme twice a day in about 2hrs.

Property Styles and Architecture in Confolens

  • Cottages: these properties have in general two floors and come with a garden and a garage. You will find them in Confolens suburbs but close to all amenities. They can hold outbuildings and converted attics. A cottage is actually a kind of property and includes detached houses and bungalow amongst others.
  • Half-timbered houses: about 60 half-timbering properties are on the town real estate market. They have one floor and an attic. Half-timbering properties are mainly constructed of wood. They are located mainly in the town centre, and so next to all amenities.
  • Village houses: you can find village houses of any size. Their particularity is to be attached to other houses and often located in the town centre. They are close to all amenities and offer a slight dynamism. These properties may hold outbuildings and garage. They are ideal houses for a first investment as they are often less expensive than detached houses.

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