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Jarnac is a 4,700 inhabitant French town located in the Charente department - Poitou Charentes region. Situated on the right-bank of the Charente River between the towns of Angouleme and Cognac, it is a great location for fishers. Jarnac is also part of the area producing the famous following alcohols: Cognac, Pineau des Charentes and wines.


Jarnac‘s history dates from over 2,000 years. During the numerous invasions it suffered, the town built a castle and ramparts. Today, some vestiges remain: they represent a beautiful heritage of Jarnac’s past. Saint Pierre church, built during the 13th century, holds a 13th century crypt and a German organ from the 19th century.

Jarnac is also the birthplace of French President François Mitterrand. According to his will, he is buried in his native town (Grand’ Maisons burial-ground). Thus, several monuments are dedicated to the statesman. In its native house, you will discover the rooms where the French President spent his childhood. You can also see pictures of François Mitterrand and his family. A museum is also devoted to him. There, are displayed many presents offered to the President and models of the most important actions he ran. Finally, you may also have a look to its gravestone.

The Charente River played an important role in Jarnac’s story: conditions in the area were favourable to potters’ activity who decided to settle there. Furthermore, it contributed to the town growing thanks to salt, wine and brandy trade (they were transported on barges.

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Jarnac Immobilier & Property Market Trends

In Jarnac, you can find any type of property at any price. There, the property market is dedicated either to well-to-do or middle class people. Town houses are generally less expensive: between €100,000 and €150,000 for a 70sq m house. Larger properties i.e. about 150sq m should cost about €200,000. If you are looking for a large house with all the comfort – swimming-pool, huge land and rooms – then you can pitch on a typical charentaise house for about €350,000. Jarnac is also a good location to set up a Bad & Breakfast: even if the price is higher (over €500,000), it could be quickly profitable.

Figures: 2009

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3 Reasons to Buy a Property in Jarnac

  • Weather: climate in Jarnac is oceanic. Winter is fresh and rainy: January is the coldest month - 5.8 degrees. Summer is quite hot and dry: July and August are the hottest months with an average of 20.5 degrees. Mild temperature gives the town a pleasant way of life all year long. Summer is hot enough but not too much. And even if it is too hot for you, Jarnac is not far from the Ocean where you can bath and cool down.
  • Location – transport links: by train, Jarnac is easily reachable with the high speed train connecting Angouleme to Bordeaux or Paris – severally in 1 and 2 ¾ hr.. Then, the Royan-Angouleme train line leads to Jarnac railway station. By plane, the closest airport is located in Angouleme, from where regular flights travel to London Stansted. It is a good asset from the Brits who want to have an easy access to their country. By road, Jarnac is 475km from Paris, 137km from Poitiers, 114km from Bordeaux, 754km from Marseille, 30km from Angouleme and 15km from Cognac.
  • Wine and alcoholic drinks: Jarnac is located in the area where is produced famous alcohols. Indeed, Cognac is not produced only in the town of the same name, but in all a determined area. Pineau des Charentes, an alcoholic drink made of Cognac an drape, is also a famous produce of Charente. Finally, you will find many local wines coming from the surrounding vineyards.

Property Styles and Architecture in Jarnac

  • Town houses: Jarnac being a small village, it holds many town houses. They may be attached to other properties but are close to all amenities. Town houses often come with a garage and a land. Inside, beams may be exposed. You may also find properties with chimney.
  • Detached houses: they can be of different kind. Indeed, they may be cottages, bungalow or classic houses. They often have a land and sometimes a swimming-pool. They are quite luminous and have numerous windows. Furthermore, when located in the countryside, they offer a beautiful scenery.
  • Charentaise houses: like in all the region, you can find these properties in Jarnac. They have a rectangular and symmetrical shape. Their particularity is to have no more than two floors. They come with numerous windows, a chimney, exposed beams, land and courtyard.

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