Champagne Ardenne Property Market

The Champagne Ardenne region is dynamic and attractive region for property buyers across its 4 departments: Aube, Ardennes, Marne and Haute-Marne.

The current market situation demonstrates that Champagne Ardenne is a good investment decision for those looking to buy a property in France and want to live there for both the long or short term. Due to its location the region attracts more buyers from northern Europe (Netherlands, Belgium, Germany etc) than the UK and further abroad.

Properties in the countryside and rural areas, like traditional farmhouses, or good value village house are most popular amongst British buyers.

Typical town houses are not significantly more expensive but could also generate rental income, if located well in famous resorts or popular towns. Reims is a bit more expensive though, due to its wine industry and Parisian commuters buying property in the city.

The new TGV (high speed train line) has boosted the prices.

Several factors influencing the Champagne Ardenne property market: Good transport infrastructure & location close to the ehart of Europe & Paris and the substantial Champagne industry.

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