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Guides to France 2013

Tuesday 03 September 2013

We have a range of comprehesive guides to French property and living in France, available free of charge.

As well as our regular Newsletter we also offer free of charge a large selection of 'Guides to France' available on our website.

The guides are regularly updated, and provide substantial information on a range of important topics. Our 'Taxes in France' guide alone has enough information in it to fill several volumes of a book.

While many of the guides are produced in consultation with relevant experts, they are not written by them, so although we use the advice we receive, we also draw on other sources of information, and more general experience of living in France.

As a result, our guides are widely regarded as some of the most comprehenensive, objective and authoritative on-line information on France.

No wonder then why over 125,000 readers visit our guides pages every month.

As part of the development of our on-line information service on France, from time to time we shall continue to publish new guides.

The current list of Guides to France is shown below.

Property in FranceBuilding & Renovation
  1. - House Buying Process
  2. - Société Civile Immobilière
  3. - Buying Off-Plan
  4. - Buying at Auction
  5. - Selling Property in France
  1. - Building a New House
  2. - Land Planning System
  3. - Property Renovation
  4. - Mobile Homes
Money & TaxationPublic Services
  1. - Banking in France
  2. - French Mortgages
  3. - Taxes in France
  4. - Inheritance Laws & Taxes
  5. - Currency Exchange
  1. - French Health System
  2. - School Education
  3. - Higher Education
House InsuranceWork & Business in France
  1. - Finding an Insurer
  2. - Types of Cover
  3. - Valuable Objects
  4. - Making a Claim
  1. - Starting a Business
  2. - Letting French Property
  3. - Starting a 'Micro' Business
Property Rights in FranceUtilities
  1. - Land Registration
  2. - Property Boundaries
  3. - Boundary Walls
  4. - Noise Nuisance
  5. - Rights of Way
  6. - Water Usage
  7. - Trees and Shrubs
  1. - Postal Services
  2. - Electricity Services
  3. - Water and Drainage Services
Travel in France
  1. - Driving in France

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