2. Home Improvement Grants in France

  1. French Housing Improvement Agency
  2. Eligible Persons
  3. Eligible Properties
  4. Eligible Works
  5. Level of Grant
  6. Application Process

2.6. What is the Application Process for Home Improvement Grants?

Although you can make application online, you may be best advised to contact the local office of ANAH within your préfecture.

A list of their offices can be found at ANAH.

As well as a completed application form, you will also need to supply a copy of your tax notice, at least one building quotation, evidence of ownership of the property, and any plans, planning consents, reports or photos that may be necessary in order for ANAH to give proper consideration to the application.

ANAH have four months from the date they receive a complete application to make a decision on it.

The works cannot be started prior to authorisation by ANAH.

They must also be completed within three years, although it is possible to be granted an extension due to family or other strong reasons.

The works must also be carried out by a registered building professional whose work is supported by an estimate of the costs of the works and invoices for payment.

Where the applicant is themselves a registered building professional who wishes to undertake the work, the amount of the grant is reduced by 10%.

You are not normally required to provide three quotes for the proposed works, as a quote from a single registered builder will normally suffice, provided it is considered to be within the cost parameters set by ANAH.

ANAH do reserve the right to inspect the works during or on completion, although this may only be for larger or more complex cases.

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