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Highways Consents for Building Works in France

Use of the public highway as part of a building works project requires a particular type of administrative authorisation.

Building & Renovation Tuesday 06 May 2014

Transfer of a French Planning Consent

Is it possible to transfer a planning consent on land and property in France?

Building & Renovation Tuesday 08 April 2014

Grants and Tax Breaks for Home Energy Conservation

There are significant changes this year to the tax credits and grants for works of energy conservation to the main home.

Building & Renovation Wednesday 05 February 2014

Local Councils and Planning Advice Certificates

A certificat d’urbanisme provides formal advice on your entitlement to carry out building works in France, useful at the time of property purchase.

Building & Renovation Tuesday 07 January 2014

Energy Performance Study for New Buildings

Planning application procedures have been tightened, with a requirement for an energy study of proposed new buildings with a surface area of over 5...

Building & Renovation Thursday 05 December 2013

Creating a Building Plot on Your Property

How to go about dividing up land on your property and obtaining planning permission to create a building plot.

Building & Renovation Tuesday 05 November 2013

New Restrictions on Planning Appeals

Planning appeal procedures have been tightened up in order to speed up the construction of new housing.

Building & Renovation Tuesday 03 September 2013

Attic Conversions and French Planning Procedures

The planning procedures that apply for loft conversions depend upon the nature of the works, and sometimes where you live and the type of property ...

Building & Renovation Thursday 02 May 2013

Couple Win 'Right of Light' Case

A couple have won a ‘right to light’ legal case over a new development constructed on adjoining land.

Building & Renovation Tuesday 05 February 2013

Undeclared Building Activity Invalidates Insurance Cover

Only those activities declared by a builder to his insurer are covered by the ten year building warranty, a French court has ruled.

Building & Renovation Tuesday 05 February 2013

New Energy Efficiency Standards

Substantial new home energy efficiency requirements have been introduced for new construction work, including house extensions.

Building & Renovation Tuesday 08 January 2013

Bordeaux Chateau Demolished 'In Error'

A listed 18th Century chateau near Bordeaux has been demolished by its new owner ‘in error’.

Building & Renovation Tuesday 04 December 2012

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