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Healthcare in France and the 'Parcours de Soins'

The parcours de soins is used to rationalise patient health care costs in France, but just how does it operate?

Health in France Wednesday 02 September 2015

European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)

What are the rules and procedures on the use of the European Health Insurance Card for visitors to France?

Health in France Tuesday 04 August 2015

Health Cover for Major Illness in France

Most costs of a chronic illness in France are covered by the State, but patients remain liable for some charges, with more likely to be on the way ...

Health in France Thursday 02 July 2015

Complementary and Private Health Insurance Policies

Complementary health insurance policies and private health insurance policies are not the same, says Johanna Matthews of Exclusive Healthcare.

Health in France Tuesday 05 May 2015

European Commission Closes File on Health Cover

Early retirees are now being admitted to the French health system, so the European Commission have withdrawn infringement proceedings against France.

Health in France Friday 03 April 2015

French Doctors Resist Health Changes

The government is seeking to end the system of payment of doctors by patients, in favour of payment by the State, an approach contested by the medi...

Health in France Tuesday 03 February 2015

Tightening of Complementary French Health Policies

The government have tightened the range of health insurance cover that must be provided by complementary 'top-up' health insurers.

Health in France Thursday 04 December 2014

Headache Over Medicines in France

The rules and practice governing the pricing and reimbursement of medicines in France is becoming increasingly complicated.

Health in France Tuesday 04 November 2014

Early Retirees Being Accepted for Health Cover

Although it is a mixed picture, your e-mails indicate that many local health authorities are continuing to accept early retirees into the health sy...

Health in France Tuesday 07 October 2014

Private Health Insurance in France

With early retirees barred automatic entry to the State health system, many are obliged to take out private health insurance, but for some it is no...

Health in France Tuesday 05 August 2014

Early Retiree Health Rights in France

The UK government may have abolished S1 certificates for early retirees, but that does not mean early retirees have no health rights in France.

Health in France Tuesday 03 June 2014

Early Retirees S1 Abolition Confirmed

The UK government have confirmed the abolition of S1 health certificates for early retirees, as well as 'co-payments' in relation to the European H...

Health in France Tuesday 06 May 2014

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