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Fleurance is a lovely 6,300 inhabitant town located in the north of the Gers department, between Lectoure and Auch. As many other towns in the department, Fleurance is a typical Gascony bastide built during the 13th century. The town is also the centre of what used to be the Pays de Gaure, which was a former area, nowadays often assimilated with Lomagne, Lectoure area. Both of these cultural and historical regions are part of the Armagnac region, which is part of the Gascony area. As you can see, historical regions were as complex as the current administrative system.


It is interesting to ask ourselves about where the name of a town comes from. When Fleurance was created, during the 13th century, there were two possibilities: or the town was named after its founder ( Barbotan or Beaumarchais for instance) or after a prestigious city in Spain or Italy, as to illustrate a symbolic patronage. As a result, Fleurance was named after the prestigious Tuscan city of Firenze (Florence in French).

Fleurance is a beautiful town which charm lies on its bastide layout. Basically, all the town was built around the Market Hall, which is a covered market. It is the centre of the community life, and around it you will find many shops and cafés, as well as the Saint Laurent Church, just outside the square.

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Fleurance Immobilier & Property Market Trends

Since the national average for property prices is over €3,200/sq m, Fleurance, with €1,620/sq m can be said to be a very affordable town. House prices in the area are even lower than the department average (€1,730/sq m). This is surprising as demand in the area is rather high, however, because of the closeness to Lectoure and Auch, offer is also very high, which brings prices down.

House prices comparison between Fleurance, Auch and Lectoure
Town Average area Price in €/ sq m Average price
Fleurance 155 sq m 1,620/ sq m €233,467
Auch 183 sq m 2,180/ sq m €360,190
Lectoure 126 sq m 1,630/ sq m €192,955

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4 Reasons to Buy a Property in Fleurance

  • Architectural heritage: one of the main asset of Fleurance is with no doubt its architectural heritage. Its beautiful Market Hall, which stands in the middle of the square bastide was actually the third one to be built, and was built during the 19th century, according to the Middle Ages principles, this is to say a maximum of space with a minimum of surface on the ground. On the four corners of the Market Hall you will find the Fountain statues which represent the four seasons. Just outside the square bastide stands the gorgeous 14th century Saint Laurent Church. It is a Gothic style monument which stands out for its beautiful and huge organ, the most beautiful Romantic organ in the whole region. The stained glass windows are also worth having a look.

  • Surrounding countryside: the countryside around Fleurance, Lectoure and the Lot et Garonne department is renowned to be breathtaking. You can discover it just by taking the car and having a ride in the countryside, going up and down the hills. Up the hills you will have a beautiful panorama over the sunflower fields, vineyards and plum trees. Spring and autumn are the best seasons to enjoy the Gascony landscape. In Spring everything is yellow and green, while in autumn the countryside seems to be on fire with all the red, orange and yellow colours.

  • Location: the advantage about Fleurance is that it is located very close from Auch (25km) which is the administrative centre of the department. Fleurance is also only 10 km from Lectoure, and some more kilometres from Lot et Garonne.

  • Climate and weather: weather in Fleurance is temperate and temperature range between 0°C in December and 27°C in August. This lovely climate is undoubtedly responsible for the joy and good temper of the locals, but it enables above all to grow many fruits and vegetables. The area is famous for its very tasty melons, called Melon de Lectoure, as well as for its fruits (plums among others).

Property Styles and Architecture in Fleurance

Properties in Fleurance are dominated by village houses. They are detached houses built in stone and wood. Usually they have a half-timbered facade, and wood is also present inside the house (apparent wooden structure, staircase, fireplace, etc.). These properties are to be found both inside and outside the town centre.

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