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Angouleme is a 1,900 inhabitant French town renowned for its International Comics Festival. It is located in Charente, in the Poitou-Charentes region, centre west of France. The town is divided into two parts. First, the old Angouleme is the ancient side, between rampart and town centre with winding alleys and small squares. Then, the town centre - with the castle, town hall, prefecture, cathedral and bourgeoise houses – was reorganised during the 19th century. Angouleme and its surroundings are listed amongst the French Art and History towns. It is often nicknamed town of the Image or capital of comics.


Nested on a rocky promontory, Angouleme is hided by ramparts, thanks to which it conserved a beautiful architectural heritage like its cathedral and town hall. Several architectural styles are represented in the town. The ramparts remind the Middle Ages, Saint-Simon Hostel is a Renaissance monument made of stones, Saint Pierre cathedral is a Roman church with a Latin cross, Saint André church has a neoclassic front façade and the town hall with its Gothic style, medieval dungeon and 15th century round tower.

Ancient and contemporary art lovers will find how to satisfy their curiosity visiting Angouleme museum. There, archeological items, 16th century works and African and Oceanian civilization items are displayed. In the paper museum, you will discover the paper making techniques and how the river water was used accordingly.

Charente’s valley is part of the Natura 2000 area and houses 64 bird species. For instance, mute swan, little grebe, great crested grebe, grey goose, teals and so on. If you are lucky, you might see waders. Common tern, laughing gull, and cormorant sail up the river when storms occur.

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Angouleme Immobilier & Property Market Trends

In 2009, the average property price in Angouleme is €1,523.43/ square metre. The national average being €3,197/square metre, Angouleme is a cheap area where it is worth investing. Moreover, the town houses more than 60% of tenants. Thus, Angouleme is a good location for a buy-to-let as it offers great rental opportunities. If you are looking for an old apartment, your research should be concentrated on the old town where you are more likely to find the property which fit your expectations. Furthermore, prices for old properties are lower than the department average i.e. about €1,200/square metre. If you are looking for a newly built apartment, then prices are higher - €2,800/square metre.

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3 Reasons to Buy a Property in Angouleme

  • Cultural heritage: Angouleme has a rich cultural heritage partially displayed throughout its festivals. The most famous of them is the International Comics Festival which has occurred each year in January since 1974. It is the most important European festival in terms of fame and cultural influence. Comic trips are never far in Angouleme: you can discover several house front facades some drawings of famous comics characters such as Gaston Lagaffe, Boule et Bill. a really enchanting world! Angouleme is also the house of a music festival called Musiques Métisses. It takes place each year during the Pentecost week-end in May. Artists coming from the whole world come to song for over 60,000 spectators. Another music festival, Garden Nef Party is renowned in Poitou Charentes. Famous international artists and other groups participate to the festival. For example, Muse, Placebo, the Hives, Iggy Pop, Brian Jonestown Massacre have been part of it.
  • Economy: Angouleme developed thanks to the paper industry. As from 1516, mills are installed in Charente to make paper pulp. During the Renaissance, François 1 commanded to do some works to facilitate navigation and granted numerous privileges to stationer. By this way, he promoted their activities’ expansion. During the 18th century, no less than 70 stationery shops exported their production in Europe. The use of wood to the paper pulp making led to the stationery shop industrialization and the decline of mills. Nowadays, the reputation of paper in Angouleme is untouched.
  • Transport links: Angouleme is located near two main roads. The first one leads to Paris (2 ½ hr) and Bordeaux (1 hr) and the second one drives to Limoges and Saintes. By train, high-speed lines travel to Paris and Bordeaux and regional trains travel to Limoges and Saintes. By air, the international airport of Angouleme-Cognac is the nearest airport and Ryanair flies to London Stansted. This transport link is the best advantage of Brits as they can regularly go back to their roots or be visited by family.

Property Styles and Architecture in Angouleme

  • Detached houses: they are properties similar to cottages. Detached houses are in general modern and habitable. They can have painted walls and wooden shutters. Often situated in the countryside, they offer beautiful scenery. You can find a cottage with a countryside view and located near to the city centre and take advantage both of calmness and all commodities.
  • Town houses: they are sometimes made of stones and may be massive – in general, they are constructed on three floors. Thus, they offer large space and many rooms. Some probably need renovation, which is perfect for handymen or for decoration lovers. Another advantage is to be located close to all amenities.
  • Charentaise houses: typical from the Poitou-Charentes region, these houses have a rectangular and symmetrical shape. They may hold outbuildings (barn, cottage), well, land and swimming pool. They are in general built on one or two floors, but seldom more. You may find any size (small or large properties) but they will always have the same rectangular shape. Some charentaise houses in Angouleme may need some works, but their price should probably be lower.

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